Our Materials

At Olives, we believe fashion should not come at the expense of animals and the planet.

Our Vegan Leather is made of our patented blend of non-animal materials. We use innovative and sustainable materials such as cotton fibers, pineapple leaves and recycled polyester. The scientific terms for our Vegan Leather materials are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride) leather. These materials are less harmful to the environment as it does not involve the farming of animals.

Other upsides of Vegan Leather is that it requires little maintenance in comparison to genuine leather, and does not crack or fade easily. Our Vegan Leather is also 100% water-resistant and does not grow mold like genuine leather.

Most importantly, no animals are harmed in the production process of our Vegan Leather.

We work with a team of talented designers in LA to create and develop samples using our signature vegan leather. We then product our bags in small partner factories in Hong Kong, who we’ve had built a relationship with over the years. We also use these Vegan Leather bag in our daily lives to further improve on the design and quality of our products.

We strive to one day be a truly global brand that is fashionable and conscious.

Thank you for supporting a brand with a cause.

Think Green, Think Olives.